Leading the 80s Crusade!

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By Ash, Jul 22 2020 11:46AM

Wowzers, who would have guessed what things would have been like back in December when we were all partying away, but now 18 weeks in to the lockdown the entertainment industry like so many other sectors has been decimated by the restrictions put in place.

During lockdown we've been keeping busy, new equipment, lights etc have been purchased and primed ready for when we can all get back on the road again, whilst like everyone else, house projects that probably would never have been started let alone finished are well and truly done and we all appreciate that home tution for the kids is definitely not something we wish to do on a full time basis!

We are all well and hope the same can be said for you and your families, we hope that things may return to a more normal state soon but until then please do stay safe and we look forward to seeing you all again in the near future.